May 2021 The season starts again

31/01/2021 - 31/10/2021

We are preparing for the appertura , it will be a different season than usual, with pocha people, but we will gain in tranquility and relaxation
so we'd have more time to cuddle you.

We are tasting our hotels to welcome you, in full safety as the delicate moment requires, but without upsetting the pleasure of the holiday,
We would have fewer people I've already said, so closed number MAX 40 People - you'll stay a lot but much wider, both on the beach and even in the garden
- rotating those who request it will be able to have breakfast directly in the room, for others there will be as always room and terazzo , but with very wide sweeps
- you decide if you want to every day or every other day the cleaning women in your rooms
-We're fixing sanitizing gel columns in all the entrances.
-Our adetti will sanitify the common premises several times a day
-We're buying e-electronic heaters and other aparecchi to keep track of the situation.

You'll see we'll have fun again this year